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Quick Tips to Saving Energy in Condos

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Quick Tips to Saving Energy in Condos

Posted By Cole Romaniuk

Why not save more energy where possible to lower your bills and contribute to a greener environment? Here are somethings within your reach to do it.

First, it is important to look around your unit for holes, leaks, and other damages to the unit’s structure or frame. This could mean gaps in insulation and other damages that may decrease your comfort and increase your costs. Your condo manager will ensure the heating system, water boilers, and ventilation are operating safely and efficiently. If some issues arise, you should contact them to discuss potential solutions. 

Some other quick tips to save energy by yourself are:

  • Turn down heat when away or asleep
  • Replace incandescent lighting with more energy efficient lighting (like LED) to save in the long run
  • Consider energy-efficient appliances
  • Avoid underloading or overloading dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers
  • Turn off lights when you are not using a room
  • Resist the urge to open the window when the room is too hot in winter and instead turn down the thermostat
  • On sunny winter days, use the sun to do the heating by opening blinds or curtains
  • Keep the room cool and save on air conditioning in the summer by putting up blinds/curtains during the hot hours and opening the window in the cool hours
  • Let hot food cool down before putting it in the refrigerator

Written by Cole Romaniuk

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