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Condominium Fees & Assistance

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Condominium Fees & Assistance

Posted By josh

In these times, many people find themselves out of work and possibly struggling to pay condominium contributions.

The condominium corporation still has to pay for services. These services – including building cleaning – are more important than ever right now, so condominium fees and schedules cannot be changed.

However if you know of someone who has been put out of work, the following excerpt from a Bishop & McKenzie LLP letter outlines services that may help them:

“What employment income replacement benefits are there for employees who cannot come to work because of COVID-19 and cannot work remotely?

There are programs in place to assist employees who may suffer a loss of income as a result of self-isolation or even business closures, and more programs are sure to appear soon as governments grapple with this crisis.

EI has now changed its rules so that employees are able to access EI sickness benefits without the usual waiting period. However, we believe that these benefits will still only cover the usual 55% of regular wages up to a capped amount. Also, it is unclear if the waiver of the waiting period will extend to people who choose to self-isolate as a result of the illness of someone else in the house, or as a precautionary measure. More information on the program can be found at:


The UCP government has urged the federal government to extend enhanced EI benefits for all employees on self-quarantine, even without a doctor’s note. Although changes to the programs and emergency federal funding have been announced to assist employees who have been affected by self-isolation and business closures, we are unaware of any new programs at this time. In addition, the Alberta government has announced emergency financial assistance to those individuals who qualify – more information on this program can be found at:


In addition the big six banks are allowing deferred mortgage payments in certain circumstances for up to six months:


It is heart-warming to see the world pulling together in these difficult and uncertain times. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Karen King

Written by josh

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